Option Trade Conditions

When browsing our platform you might run into option trades with various trade conditions. These conditions are set by the originating broker when the trade was first reported to the exchange. To see a short description of what these conditions mean hover your mouse over the trade condition box. 

You will also find a full list below:

Intermarket Sweep - An intermarket sweep order is generally a large quantity limit order that is sent to multiple exchanges simultaneously.  The trader submitting this type of order is required to fulfill Regulation NMS order protection obligations and exchange rules by simultaneously sending orders to market centers with better prices than the defined order limit

Combo - Transaction represents the buying of a call and the selling of a put for the same underlying stock or index.

Buy Write - Transaction represents the option portion of an order involving a single option leg (buy or sell of a call or put) and stock.

Straddle - Transaction represents a trade in two options in the same strike (ie. a buy of a put and a call).

Spread - Transaction represents a trade in two options in the same class (ie. a buy and a sell in the same class).

Stopped' - Transaction was the execution of an order which was “stopped” at a price that did not constitute a Trade-Through on another market at the time of the stop.

Late - Transaction is being reported late, but is in the correct sequence; i.e., no later transactions have been reported for the particular option contract.

Sale Adjusted  - Transaction is an option contract for which the terms have been adjusted to reflect a stock dividend, stock split, or similar event.

Regular - Transaction was a regular sale without stated conditions.

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